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Marg Academy By Taxation Course Sonipat

Marg Academy Taxation course Sonipat at Int Institute. Free demo class, student kit – book, pen, T-shirt & software, etc. Taxation course is designed to give hands-on experience in the area of Taxation, understanding VAT, Accounts, MIS, Compliance and the importance of completing VAT returns correctly and Reporting. The taxation course specifically focuses on giving the financial professionals an overview of various taxation laws related to Direct Taxes, Indirect Taxes, Regulatory aspects and provides students with an in-depth exposure to all areas of taxation, encompassing indirect and direct taxation.

Marg Acadmey Introduction Of TDS And Its Implementation

Tax Deducted at Source or TDS is one of the modes of tax collection, In which certain Percentage of amount deducted by the person at the time of making/crediting certain specific nature of payment to the other person and deducted amount is remitted to the Government account.

Introduction Of CST And Its Implementation In Marg Software

Central Sales Tax or CST is a tax on sales of goods levied by the Central Government of India. It is not applicable on the sales made within the state or import/export of sales. CST is applicable only in the case of inter-state sales. CST is payable in the state where the goods are sold and movement commences.

Introduction Of VAT And Its Implementation In Marg Software

VAT is a multi-point tax levied and collected on the value added to goods at different stages of sale. It is a method of tax collection which consists of levying a tax on the value added to a product at each stage of production or distribution. It is another form of sales tax where tax is collected in different stages rather than collecting the tax at first or last point.

CST Transaction Forms

The dealers have to issue certain declarations in prescribed forms to buyers or sellers. There are many types of CST forms, which are C, D, E1, E2, F, H and I. Forms C, E1, E2, F and H are printed and supplied by Sales Tax authorities. Dealers have to issue declarations in these forms printed and supplied by the Sales Tax authorities and the form D is to be issued by government organization / departments making purchases. These forms are must to be present in three copies of each.

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