Tally ERP 9 is the most innovative Tally ERP advance applications available on the market. The course content educates students in detail that the way to manage and keep accounts, inventory and payroll at Tally.

This is a complete preparation course covering all the topics and choices available at Tally. This training course is intended to work independently using an account. It isn't important if you're experienced or new in the discipline of bookkeeping or an entrepreneur that would like to look after the bill. You are in the perfect location because Tally ERP 9 is very nice and simple applications which you can use to create business decisions which are complete and easy to learn and use.

gst course in hindi

Welcome to The Complete GST And Return Filling

Many students and business owners are struggling to learn tally because they feel that Tally is difficult to learn. Now this course i have made to teach all concepts slowly and effectively who don’t know even the basic concepts of accounting.

In this course, i have explained the basic concepts like single entry system, double entry system with examples. The types of accounting are explained with examples.

The golden rules of accounting for Personal accounts, Real accounts and Nominal accounts are explained with examples. All beginners can easily understand these concepts easily.

You can understand the different concept of contra voucher, payment voucher and receipt voucher. You can understand how to make transfers between our company accounts using contra voucher, how to make payments to all expenses and suppliers in payment voucher, how to receive income from different parties for sales, commission and other receivables.

You will learn what is GST and how it is calculated and added to the sales and purchase and how to check GST reports and how to calculate the payable GST in this course. So you can easily make GST based entries in your working company or for your own business.