Learn step-by-step how to start from scratch and make a full-time income, or considerably more, as an Amazon FBA and Flipkart seller. Follow along with me while I show over-the-shoulder how to copy my results. See evidence of outcomes before you enroll.

This training course is continually kept up-to-date. Last update May 2020> Whatever You Have to Be a successful vendor is at your fingertips

Learning how to leverage the Amazon platform to sell physical products ensures you will no longer need to worry about where your next pay check is coming from. You will find far more million dollar annually Amazon FBA sellers being created now than previously, so the time is ideal.

There's also a huge need for skilled assistants to make listings and do research to uncover the best merchandise to market. You'll have attained these skills, amongst others, by the time you complete this program.

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Welcome to Amazon, Filpkart Sales Boost Blueprint

"This is a brilliant course, it's an A-Z guide of how to set up an Amazon account, how to find the right products to sell and how to make money on Amazon. The videos are great and juned explains step-by-step exactly what to do in order to run a successful business

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Course Curriculum
Module 1 - Amazon Sales Boost Blueprint
   Chapter 1.1 - Blueprint Of Amazon Business
   Chapter 1.2 - How To Send Your Order Shipping Option
   Chapter 1.3 - What Is Return Return
   Chapter 1.4 - How To Create Amazon Seller Central Account Full Guide
   Chapter 1.5 - Overview Of Your Amazon Seller Central Account
   Chapter 1.6 - List Your Product At Amazon
   Chapter 1.7 - How To Get GTSIN Number(Product ID : UPC ,EAN,ISBN)
   Chapter 1.8 - How To Register Your Brand At Amazon
   Chapter 1.9 - How To Maintain Your Account Health
   Chapter 1.10 - How To List Your Product At Amazon With Advanced Option
   Chapter 1.11 - How To Resolve Suppressed Product Problem
   Chapter 1.12 - How To Create White Background Image Through Photoshop
   Chapter 1.13 - How To Create White Background Image Through Word
   Chapter 1.14 - How To Add Color Variation In Amazon Product
   Chapter 1.15 - How To Bulk Upload Product Via Flat File
   Chapter 1.16 - How To Manage Your Inventory
   Chapter 1.17 - How To Check Your Order Through Amazon
   Chapter 1.18 - How To Check Payment Option In Payment All Charges
   Chapter 1.19 - How To File A SAFE-T Claim In Detail
   Chapter 1.20 - What Is Buy Box How To Get This For Your Product
   Chapter 1.21 - Amazon Ad Compaign How To Run Best Strategy To Get High Revenue
   Chapter 1.22 - How To Manage Ad Compaign(best Add Strategy To Boost Your Sale)
   Chapter 1.23 - How Amazon Deduct Our Charges Report Summary
   Chapter 1.24 - How To Direct Support Amazon Seller Central Directly (Secret Method)
   Chapter 1.25 - Amazon Fullfillment Center Business Model Explained
   Chapter 1.26 - Amazon FBA Charges
   Chapter 1.27 - How To Register Your FBA AMAZON Account
   Chapter 1.28 - How To Send Your Inventory At FBA
   Chapter 1.29 - How To Create Removal Fba
   Chapter 1.30 - Advanced Option Of FBA
   Chapter 1.31 - How To Create Business Account Amazon Explained B2B Business
   Chapter 1.32 - How To Download Inventory Report
   Chapter 1.33 - How To Create Automate Pricing Rule, All Mange Pricing
   Chapter 1.34 - How To Manage Your Return
   Chapter 1.35 - Understand The Seller Program
   Chapter 1.36 - Understand The Performance Panel
   Chapter 1.37 - Explained Apps And Services Feature
   Chapter 1.38 - Bonus How To Add Multiple User Your Amazon Account
Module 2 - Flipkart Sales Boost Blueprint
   Chapter 2.1 - How To Create Flipkart Ac.
   Chapter 2.2 - Overview Of Flipkart
   Chapter 2.3 - How To List Your Product
   Chapter 2.4 - How Mange Your Inventory
   Chapter 2.5 - Manage Inventory Health
   Chapter 2.6 - How To Manage Your Orders
   Chapter 2.7 - Understand Payment Option(Explained Opportunity Listing)
   Chapter 2.8 - Understand Growth And Reports
   Chapter 2.9 - How To Run Flipkart Advertisement
   Chapter 2.10 - How To Manage Your Profile
   Chapter 2.11 - Help Option Contact Seller Support