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E-accounting Course

In nowadays, no business can be considered without accounts then whether it independent venture or a huge firm. In the E Accounting course, you will discover that how might we deal with our records and pay our expenses electronically. E bookkeeping course will open such a large number of entryways for your profession in the field of web-based bookkeeping.

INT Institute is outstanding amongst another E-Accounting establishment in which you learn GST returns, TDS returns, ITR Filing, Advance Tally, Advance Excel, Busy Accounting, Excise, E-charge filling, Payroll, E-Banking, Webtel bookkeeping, and others current techniques to look online records.

E Accounting Course is otherwise called Computer Accounting Course which is a computerized type of Accounting without a doubt that guides in the support and the executives of records documents with the assistance of most recent programming rendition. It assists in performing everyday work with extraordinary exactness. It additionally helps with making moment reports like - Profit and Loss, Cash stream, Balance Sheet, Stock Records.

E-AccountingCourse Content and Syllabus in INT Institute

  • An Introduction to Accounting, The Double Entry Accounting System, & Recording Transactions using Debits and Credits
  • Analyze, use, and create from scratch financial statements including a balance sheet, income statement, statement of equity, and statement of cash flows
  • Use the concepts of the double entry accounting system
  • Record financial transactions using the accounting equation
  • Record financial transactions using debits and credits
  • Learn when and how to use accounting methods such a the accrual method and cash method
  • Apply the concepts related to the revenue recognition principle and the matching principle to recording transactions and reading financial statements
  • Record period end adjusting entries and be able to explain why adjusting entries are necessary is a well designed accounting system
  • Record merchandising transactions. Record transactions involving inventory Track inventory using cost flow methods like FIFO, LIFO, and Weighted Average Methods,
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