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Android Development Course

Android Development Course is offered by INT Institute in Sonipat. Android Development Course is used for the development of android applications which runs on the Android operating system. Today most of the mobile phones work on the Android operating system. INT provides all the android app development related education where a student can build practical knowledge by building projects given by our company INT.
Our students are our priority here, so we provide every course that helps in app development. Whether a student is new or experienced to programming, here our institute provides a no. of courses to teach you about Android App Development.

Android Development Course

Mobile App Development Students Benefits

  • All Updated Android Courses
  • Proper Certification will be provided
  • Online projects will be given for practice
  • Provides job assistance for each job seeker


During the course of Android mobile app development training, students learn how to work in an Android Studio based development environment. The Android development course teaches them the unique Android OS architecture, GUI development, how to set up own applications in the Android marketplace. This course will help take your development skills to a new level. The fact that Android is always growing means that once you learn the basic concepts and principles, your skill set will grow right along with it.

Android Development Courses Sessions

Session 1
Android Smartphone Introduction
Session 5
Android Fundamentals
Session 9
User Interface
Session 13
Google Maps
Session 2
Android Development Lifecycle
Session 6
Session 10
Broadcast Receivers
Session 14
Android Tools
Session 3
Android Setup and Installation
Session 7
Android Application Manifest File
Session 11
Content Providers
Session 15
Publishing your App on Google marke
Session 4
Basic Android Application
Session 8
Intent Filters
Session 12
Web Services