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INT Provide PHP Course in Sonipat. We provide high level PHP Training training , development. We are working since 2009 and provide PHP Course in Sonipat to B-tech/MCA/BCA and working professionals.  Our PHP course fee is value for money.  We have customization PHP Course content that create according to the need of student training requirement. Student and Professional can learn PHP course offline and online. We also providePHP tutorial to student.  INT is the best PHP training institute in sonipat since 2008.

PHP Training course Syllabus

Module 1
Introduction to PHP
HTML Basics: Introduction, Elements, Tags, Attributes, Paragraph, Headings Line, Breaks, Horizontal Rule, Lists, Formatting, Color Codes, Font,Text Links, Email, Images, Image Link,Forms , Table, Frames, Comments,Music Codes, Video Codes, Div, Dreamweaver(IDE)

Designing/CSS: Introduction, syntax, background, text, font, border, outline, margin, Padding, list, tables, Positioning, pseudo class, pseudo element.

JavaScript / j Query: Introduction, Formatting and Coding Conventions, JavaScript Files, Comments, Embedding JavaScript in HTML, Using Script Tag, No-script Tag, Operators, Control Structures(If else, switch, loops), Array and For Each Loop, Defining and Invoking Functions, Built in Objects, Date Objects, Interacting With The Browser, Dialog Boxes, Event Handling, Cookies, Client Side Validations.

Module 2
Advanced PHP and My SQL
Introduction and How It Works? : What is PHP? ,What is PHP File?, PHP+MySQL , Basic PHP Syntax, Comments in PHP, Variables, PHP operators, Control Structures(If else,switch,all loops), Arrays, For Each Loop, Functions, Form Handling, PHP $_GET, PHP $_POST,PHP $_REQUEST, PHP date() Function, PHP include File, File Handling, File Uploading,PHP Sessions, Sending Emails, PHP Cookies, Introduction To MySQL, PHP MySQL ConnectTo a Database, Closing A Connection, MySQL DataTypes, MySQL Insert, MySQL Select,MySQL where clause, MySQL Delete, MySQL Update, MySQL Aggregate Functions(sum,avg,count etc), MySQL order by and group by clause, MySQL Subqueries, MySQL Joins,PHP Connectivity with MySQL.

Module 3
Live Projects and Training
WordPress & Joomla Introduction about CMS, Installation, customization.
JavaScript /j Query Basic java script and j Query customization.
HTML, x html and CSS html, CSS and html 5 concept and coding.
CSS Optimization Basic and advanced topics cover.
Live Project: We helps students to develop dynamic portal projects online. INT Institute also provide PHP Video Tutorials for beginners.

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