Diploma in Multimedia Courses

INT Institute in Sonipat conducts multimedia courses that helps you to be a good graphic designer.we have well trained faculties who will help you to be master in your field.

Multimedia Courses

Multimedia Courses includes 

1.   Cre
ating a Website
> Create PDF Files
> Converter

2.   Working with Animation
      > Basic animation using Flash
      > Drawing shapes, Creating Flash Buttons
      > Exploring Tweening in animations

3.   Working with Dream Weaver

4.   Flash Movie

5.   IIS Server (Internet Information Service)

6.   How to Create website


1.   Corel Draw
      > Introduction to the interfaces
      > Creating Artistic Shapes
> Editing text & transforming

2.   Adobe Illustrator
      > Introduction
      > Constructing Basic Shapes and Drawing
      > Painting and Working with Brushes
      > Transforming Objects
      > Type Manipulation
      > Blending-colors and shapes
      > Creating Shapes with Pathfinder
      > Layers

3.   Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is an application software which is used for editing and manipulating images.                                        This software is easily available in the market.

4.   Page Maker: Adobe Page Maker is a tool which is used to create flyers, brochures, reports and newsletters for                                      educational or small business needs.

5.   Sound Forge
      > Introduction of Authoring
      > Voice Correction and editing

6.   Director
      > Concept of Authoring
      > Stage Identification
      >  Markets
      > Library and Behaviors


1.    Premiere
> Introduction to Video, Frames and Images
> Video Editing
> Picture rectification

2.   After Effects
       > Concept of Task and Layers
       > Color Adjustments
       > Animation of 3D Layers
       > Applying Effects

3.   Movie Maker: Movie Maker tools is widely used for creating and editing videos. This software is created by                                             Microsoft windows and easily available for free.

4.   Flash Movie: It is a multimedia tool which is used for creating flash animation, videos, slideshow, text effects                                          and designer templates etc.

5.   Logo Creator

6.  Desktop Designing(Themes, Cursors, Background)
      > Page Maker
      > Corel Draw
      > Photoshop

7.   Projectsu

Learn Multimedia courses from Video Tutorial

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