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INT job consultancy


The placement cell of the INT is best.It maintain the cordial relation with different institute.Placement cell helps the students to set their goals and give them direction to achieve their goals.Our placement cell helps to prepare them for training programmers so that they can easily handle the work and feel easy in the placement session.

Services We Offers

Our placement cell are completely dynamic and giving results regardless of industry size. In all sector our cell provides services according to client’s requirements.

Procedure Follow By Us


Global Reach

We go beyond the limits of gender and their cultural barriers. We find out eligible candidates from different states and regions.We provides candidate according to the requirements.

Helping All The Sectors 

We serve our services to all sectors and also provide additional services. We are specialize to finding and placing workforce in all high and medium sectors.


We work on the perfect match according to the industries requirements.We know how to generate their interest in job opportunities.


On the request of the client we conduct a full search for best candidate. Through the competitive exams and interview we check their confidence level and communication skill. This exam is taken by the specialist.


We are ensure for the candidate capabilities and also ensure that you can appoint them for jobs.


After the hiring process we also arrange the orientation program for all our selected candidates to provide their portfolio.


We can provide list of qualified candidates efficiently.By which you can recruit suitable candidate according to the requirements.


We also maintain all the recruit candidate’s database.their data remains confidential in our placement cell.But we glad to provide their contact info upon your request.

Job application

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