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INT Computer Centre is working since 2007 in Sonipat. It gives best opportunities to student for bright future by special computer courses. One of our course is c programming language. C programming language is basic of all programming language. If you learn C programming language from INT Institute. Surely you are easily understand all concepts of another programming languages. After that you don’t face to problem of understand another languages. If you join to INT Institute to Learn C programming course. We will take own words. You don’t need to think about your future because after this course many opportunity comes in your life.

History of C Programming Language

C Language is a high Level Language .It was developed by Dennis Ritchie in bell laboratory at 1972 .Now C Programming Language has become a widely used for professional language .It is simple Language .It is easy to understand .It is portable and reliable language

Where Uses Of C Language

• Database System
• Graphic package
• Word processor
• Spreadsheet
• Network Drivers
• Operating System Development
• interpreters

Why use C Programming Language

C Language was mainly used for system development work. Generally the programs that make up the operating system .C Language was made system development language because it produce code Fast. Operating system programs written in c language such as windows, Linux ,Unix all are written in c language.

C Language Useful for engineer

• Diploma(CSE)

Content-Syllabus of C language

• History of c
• Program structure
• Data type
• Variables
• Constants
• Storage class
• Operators
• Decision making
• Loops
• Array
• Function
• Pointer
• Structure
• union
• String
• File handling

C Language Project for B-tech , BCA, MCA and IT Students. INT Institute makes project on C Programming. Our Student learn C language with live project. More information about C Programming course please comment below.

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