AutoCAD Course in SonipatAutoCAD Course

CAD ( Computer Aided Design) software used to making any product related to various users and industries.In modern world people want something new and unique in every area.  INT institute offering AutoCAD course explain how to make new and unique product, 3D’s Max  for industries such as interior , architecture, mechanical, civil engineering ,electrical etc.  It used to designing , drafting , workflows, mapping projects, analysis, documentation.Student can understand making project , project performance, maintain data and processes. Those student want to make career in 2D and 3D design . INT Institute can give a powerful advantage to improve your performance and add value to industry.

AutoCad Course Content

> Introducing AutoCAD 2013

> Introduction of drawing

> Staring tool Display

> Interacting With AutoCAD

> Using Drafting Tools

> Understanding Object

> Osnap and AutoSnap

> Pan , Zoom and templates

> Modify Tools

> Test and Dimensions

> Orthographic and Isometric

> Fill Hatching in object

> Create Block and Inserts

> Save different type file format

> Building drawing

> Create Template

> File Protection

> Introduction of 3D modeling

> Understanding 3D Object

> View-port

> Modification of  3D model

> Creating and viewing Slides

> Working with table

> Text and Dimensions

> Creating and viewing slide

> Plotting your drawings

> Camera , Rendering and light

> Editing 3D solid models

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1. Regular Batch
Best suited for Students and Job Seekers available during the regular business hours.
Time Between 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Days : Mon, Thu, Wed, Thur, Fri,
Hours: 2 hours alternate days

suitable for working professional,enterpreneurs and students willing to go that extra mile.
Time : 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Days : Saturdays and Sundays
Hours: 4 hours