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Android Programming is a open source mobile operating system.It is developed by Google.It is based on Linux kernel.Android designed for touchscreen mobile devices like Tablets and Smartphones.  INT Education institute provides full time android programming training for the students and working professional. INT also provides online android programming training though live videos and provides video tutorials.

Syllabus For Android Programming Training

Module 1#
Basics of Android
 > Introduction of android programming
> What is Android , History and Version, Installing software
> Setup Eclipse, Internal Details, Software Stack, Android Core Building Blocks,
> Android Emulator ,Android Manifest.xml , R.java file , Hide Title Bar, Screen Orientation

  • User Interface Widgets
               > Working with Button, Toast, AlertDialog, Spinner 
               > Custom Toast Button, Toggle Button, Switch Button,  Image Button
               > CheckBox, AutoCompleteTextView, RatingBar, TimePicker, ProgressBar 
               > DatePicker, Quick Contact Budge, Analog Clock and Digital Clock
               > Working with hardware Button, File Download
  • Activity, Intent & Fragment
                 > Activity Life-cycle 

                 > Activity Example 
                 > Implicit Intent 
                 > Explicit Intent 
                 >Fragment Life-cycle 
                 > Fragment Example 
                 > Dynamic Fragment 
  • Android Menu
                 > Option Menu 
                 > Context Menu 
                 > Popup Menu 
  • Layout Manager
                 > Relative Layout 
                 > Linear Layout 
                 > Table Layout 
                 > Grid Layout 
  • Adaptor
                > Array Adaptor 
                > ArrayList Adaptor 
                > Base Adaptor

Learn Programming wiht Android Tutoirals

Module 2#

  • Advance Android
                  > Android Service 
    > Android Service API
    > Android Started Service
    > Android Bound Service
    > Android Service Life Cycle
                  > Android Service Example
  • Data Storage
    XML & JSON
    Android Notification
    Speech API
    Telephony API
    Location API
    Device Connectivity
    Android Graphics

Module 3#

Android Web Services
     > What is web service 

     > Soap Vs Restful web service 
     > Android Restful web service example with java servlet 
     > Storing data into external oracle database 
     > Verifying data in android with external oracle database 

Android Google Map
     > Android Map V2 API 

     > Adding Map 
     > Customizing Map 
     > GoogleMap class 
     > Android Google Map Application 

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